Sunday, February 14, 2016

Type French Characters in Ubuntu

To enable typing French characters in Ubuntu:
System Settings -> Keyboard.
Switch to Shortcuts tab.
Select Typing in left nav.
Modify Compose Key from disable to Right Alt (i.e. Alt Gr) or any personal choice.

Accent A E I O U Type Keyboard
' á é í ó ú Acute accent single quote
" ä ë ï ö ü Diaeresis double quotes
` à è ì ò ù Grave accent grave
~ ã ĩ õ ũ
^ â ê î ô û Circumflex accent caret
Example: ê = [Right Alt] + [Shift] + [6], [e]

To add French support to LibreOffice Writer:
System Settings -> Language Support.
Click Install/Remove Languages and add French.
Restart LibreOffice Write and it should have French in dictionary.

In LibreOffice Write, Tool -> Language -> For all Text -> More.
Change Default languages for documents to French.

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