Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Add a CD Key to Games for Windows LIVE

After buying Batman Arkham City: Robin Bundle (on Steam), the game does not add the license key nor download the content directly. In order to add the downloadable content, one will need to use Games for Windows LIVE interface to add the license key.

After opening Games for Windows LIVE interface within the game, clicks on Redeem Code under Gamer Profile. This would allow new license key input. Remember to click download afterward.

Sony Tablet S

Some useful tips on how to use Android 3.2 i.e. Sony Tablet S.

1) Quick Launcher (on the top right corner of Home screen) can only put 4 apps even though there are more space in the line. Remove some apps before adding new ones.

2) All apps are under Apps menu and not on Home screen.

3) It requires 7 clicks to shut down an running app (which is nested under Setup menu).

4) Rebooting the device will shutdown all running apps after restart.

5) 中文語音輸入比英文正確. (Chinese voice-to-text is more accurate than English.)

6) Arrow keys are very useful.

7) Memory allocation is divided into system and content partitions.

8) The device comes with an Email app and a separate Gmail app. During the initial setup, Android will prompt to associate with a Gmail account (similar to iPad for account association) and by default would setup Gmail app. But the Email app is the primary app for such a purpose and is linked to the widget. If not aware of this, one may sync up Gmail account on the same device twice.

9) There seems to be a text input bug in Firefox. If attemps to insert a new word in between an existing line and after pressing space and backspace in sequence, two characters from the next word would be deleted.

10) Unlike iPad, there seems to be no way of limiting location data to certain apps. It is all or nothing on the device level.

11) There is no easy way to take a screenshot without installing additional software and rooting the device.

12) Forcing stop or crashing an app may affect other apps or the underlying OS. Therefore would require to reboot the device.

Note: if there is ever a need to reset the device to factory condition, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset.