Wednesday, September 07, 2016

FreeRDP Increase TCP Timeout

After upgrading to Windows 10, FreeRDP took longer to connect after password input and often disconnected itself before displaying the screen.

To resolve this problem, increase TCP timeout value.
1) Open /FreeRDP/libfreerdp/core/tcp.c
3) Change optval to higher value.  E.g. 20000
4) Build and install again.  No need to uninstall or reconfigure.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Autocad Draw only Perpendicular Line

For AutoCAD to draw only perpendicular line (northing or easting and nothing else), type command ORTHO, then set to ON.

To draw line at any angle, set ORTHO to OFF.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Type French Characters in Ubuntu

To enable typing French characters in Ubuntu:
System Settings -> Keyboard.
Switch to Shortcuts tab.
Select Typing in left nav.
Modify Compose Key from disable to Right Alt (i.e. Alt Gr) or any personal choice.

Accent A E I O U Type Keyboard
' á é í ó ú Acute accent single quote
" ä ë ï ö ü Diaeresis double quotes
` à è ì ò ù Grave accent grave
~ ã ĩ õ ũ
^ â ê î ô û Circumflex accent caret
Example: ê = [Right Alt] + [Shift] + [6], [e]

To add French support to LibreOffice Writer:
System Settings -> Language Support.
Click Install/Remove Languages and add French.
Restart LibreOffice Write and it should have French in dictionary.

In LibreOffice Write, Tool -> Language -> For all Text -> More.
Change Default languages for documents to French.

Add Language Blocked by Untrusted Packages

Try to add new language supports in Edubuntu and block by untrusted packages error.

Requires installation of untrusted packages:
This requires installing packages from unauthenticated sources.

Try to run Software Updater to get latest package update.  Then try to add language again.